Start Closing 30+ deals your first year

Earn $75k+ your first year while we provide leads, appointments, sales training, and support

Z Team was named one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies in Chicagoland
Z Team is ranked by Wall Street Journal and Real Trends as #34 in US of out 1.2 million agents

  • Qualified Leads

    We ensure that agents get as many leads as they can handle. No more asking friends and family if they want to sell their house.

  • World-Class Training

    We hire world’s top sales coaches to help you master the conversation and become the best producer.

  • Team Support

    Focus on what you’re best at while our inside team ensures that your appointments are set and paperwork is processed.

Our people come first

We’re a family with a culture of excellence. When you walk in our office, you won’t see the typical brokerage firm. We’re all about music, laughter, and collaboration.

We care about your growth

Through training and education, we provide the resources you need to be successful. It’s about opportunity and growing both personally and professionally. Our leaders offer the mentorship and knowledge you need to be a better agent and to better serve our customers.

Current Openings in Oak Brook Terrace

Buyer Specialist

We are seeking professional, self-motivated, consultative team members in our residential real estate sales department. Candidates should be accustomed to performing at a high level, effective in a sales environment, outgoing and customer service focused.

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